"Dissent" Published in Sundog Lit

Photo credit: Harry Wilson for Sundog Lit

Photo credit: Harry Wilson for Sundog Lit

Hello friends! I've got a new essay in Sundog Lit's new (Letters from) the Road issue, edited by the marvelous Jill Talbot. It's about falling in love on a long, winding road from Chicago to Southern California, and I'd love for you to give it a read! This is my first published piece of nonfiction, and I am honored to be included among such an esteemed group of contributors. A huge thanks goes to Jill for believing in this essay and for being an incredibly thoughtful and caring editor. 

Here's an excerpt, with a link below to continue reading over at Sundog...


* * *


They said we would never make it past the Mississippi. You and I taking turns riding shotgun under a light blue sky stretched taut from coast to coast. Our rearview mirror flooded with the white caps of Lake Michigan and the thousands of small holes drilled into its sandy beaches from Chicago’s summer storms. It was June, just four days after the first lunar eclipse of 2012. We packed three duffel bags in the trunk, a Styrofoam cooler in the backseat and a full tub of licorice in the center console between us. There were two hundred and forty pieces of candy inside that plastic container. It was more than I could say for the number of days since I’d worn that flowery green dress and you’d asked if you could kiss me.

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