These are my 5 favorite vintage shops on Etsy


Buying, renovating and redecorating a home is one of the most satisfying challenges I've taken on. But, it is just that - challenging. Not just creatively but financially, too.  

I'm constantly looking for ways to beautify on a budget. (It's a serious exercise in self-control!) Luckily, Instagram and Etsy have made it possible to find affordable vintage retailers all across the country.

These are my five favorite vintage shops on Etsy, almost all of which I have worked with directly. 



Based in Colorado Springs, Arianna Danielson sells "midcentury vintage and boho home goods for the old soul." And, if you haven't seen her home on Instagram, head over to her Instagram NOW. Here pieces are romantic with soul, and her mug collections are to die for. I've been so impressed with her customer service as well.



Louttan Co.

Louise Young has some of the best rattan pieces out there, from chairs to tables. I purchased this wicker peacock chair with black details as well as a vintage rattan coffee table, and couldn't have been happier. Plus, if you're looking for other types of decor to compliment a bohemian style, you can find shell chandeliers, bamboo plant stands and Kilim pouf covers. 



Ancestral Handcrafted

Erika Pineda Morales hand-weaves her wall hangings with precision and creativity. I love her shop description: "Ancestral is dedicated to the rescue, expansion and consolidation of textile art in contemporary urban environments. It is the art through which the past, the present and the future are intertwined." I purchased my own wall hanging from the Medellín, Colombia creator, and am always getting compliments - or people asking where it's from.



Simplychi Vintage

Those straw rattan baskets on my wall are from this Sacramento-based vintage dealer. I am consistently impressed (and really, amazed) by her vast selection of mugs, pottery, baskets, candles and more. Right now, she's got more than 800 items up for sale! She's always been quick to respond when I inquire about shipping rates, and I think her items are fairly priced. 



I am so impressed by Mallory Stanton's sophisticated eye and curatorial vision that blends midcentury modern with Hollywood glam, but also a bit of boheme. Based on Massachusetts, the shop is whimsical with a wide range of items. I haven't bought any yet, but I am always looking!